Choosing Handmade Jewelry

Picking Jewelry is a tricky business. Most people base their choice of accessories on two things; the size of the gems and how shiny they are. There’s nothing wrong with big stones, or shiny pieces of Jewelry, but you should get your money’s worth because not all big stones are worth as much as their sold for. You should be buying Jewelry smartly. Take into account the style of the accessory, will it still be fashionable a year from now? Is it worth the money I’m paying for it? To help you decide is this simple guide. It outlines what you should look for in a piece of handmade Jewelry to make sure you get what you want and for the price you can afford.

One word: Durability

Sometimes handmade Jewelry is made by amateurs and it may look pretty but it falls apart a week after you buy it. For example, necklaces made by inexperienced workers usually have clasps that easily come off since that is the hardest part of the necklace to assemble. Sometimes cheap leather bands leave bits of leather on your wrist when you sweat. The strings of beads sometimes fall apart at the slightest tug. These are only a few horror stories that people tell when they talk about handmade Jewelry.

To make sure your choice of Jewelry won’t fall apart after a few weeks of wearing, just make sure that the materials used are top quality and make sure that the craftsmanship is good. Buying on the internet is tricky because you can’t feel the Jewelry or test the strength of the material holding it together. But with many stores you can see in the pictures whether the craftsmanship is sturdy as well as beautiful. The description of each piece should include a list of the materials used in creating each piece so the buyer knows exactly what they are getting.

Do your homework

Another good tip for choosing good Jewelry is research! Don’t just buy something because it’s pretty. Check the stones in the Jewelry you’re getting. Are the semi-precious? Are they worth the price you’ll pay for them? Do they wear down easily? The easiest thing to do is go on the internet and find out, all the information is just a click away. You can easily research how much you should be paying for the Jewelry you’re getting. Take into account how long the Jewelry will last, obviously if the piece you’re getting will wear down in a year you shouldn’t be paying that much for it.

Don’t be afraid!

Go wild! This stuff is just as amazing as the real red-carpet gems that you see movie stars wearing and you can get them for so much less! Buy the craziest piece you can get and buy as much as you want! It’ll be worth it! The Jewelry will look fantastic, it’s durable, and you won’t drain your bank account. This is the best part of handmade Jewelry: you can get as much as you want!