Handbag Care Tips

Handbag Care TipsWomen love to shop for handbags and purses. And most of the time, they buy those designer purses which are really expensive and sometimes cost as much as their one month salary. Because of this, they have to know proper handbag care tips because they spent a lot of money for the designer purse. If you are one of these women, you need to read the following tips on how to take care of your purse properly.

* Purses are usually small so you need to put only small things inside them. Do not try to squeeze in your 600-page history textbook or your pair of sandals inside them. It is true that women can do magic when it comes to putting big and many objects inside a small bag. But do not do this to your purse, especially if it is expensive. You can put your cell phone, tissue, make up, and comb but no big objects, please.

* Do not put something in your purse that can cause stains or markings to it. For instance, do not put pens inside your purse because they can cause ink stains which are usually permanent. Sometimes ink stains from the inside affect the outside part of the purse. And if this happens, your designer bag will go to waste, unless you want to use a stained purse that looks as if it has a map drawn on it.

* If you are planning to carry around cosmetics and you will use your designer purse, make sure that the cosmetic products, especially the messy ones like lipsticks, mascara, and nail polish, are placed inside a small zip lock bag. Avoid having loose or compact powder in your purse because it causes powder marks which look unattractive.

* Designer purses are made of quality materials, from the zipper to the bag itself. You should not clean your designer purse the way you clean your ordinary bag. Quality materials like the ones used in authentic designer purses require special care. Do not just use detergent soap and a sponge to clean your purse, or worse, throw it in the washing machine. Read the care instructions which you can usually find on the label or tag. Follow the instructions to a tee to avoid damages and to keep the quality of your designer purse for a long time.

If you follow these handbag care tips, you can be sure that your purse will still look brand new even after years of using it.

Create a Handbag Collection

Handbag CollectionSo you are a designer that feels the need to indulge women in their love of accessories, in particular handbags. Women love handbags and shoes, almost more than they love their boyfriends, husbands or children! The beauty of the handbag is you don’t have to be the perfect size, in other words, no dieting required!

Accessory collections provide some of the largest proportion of the fashion industries income. Hitting a home run with the perfect bag can mean creating a following with women all over the world.

What are the principles one needs to know to start your own handbag collection?

Like any other fashion category one needs to have a great idea. Research is key, what is out there currently? Ask yourself, where would your handbags sit in your favorite department store? Would it be in the junior department or do you see them all done out in fine Italian leather and being a neighbor to Valentino, Chanel, and Gucci? When you determine where you will understand who and what your potential competitors are and what they are doing. You will also get a range of price. The price and the look are the keys to targeting who your customer will be. Will she be a very young with a more limited budget, or will your customer have a large discretionary income. The look is going to be your calling card, sleek, modern, vintage, bohemian, lady like……you decide and make sure your every piece you design fits your target look and target audience.

Once your concept is focused on a target audience. You could ask everyone you know who falls into that demographic what they need and like, talk to them and let them give you feedback on your design ideas. You could also ask the sales associates in the stores what they sell easily and what things that don’t work in general.

At this point, if you haven’t done so already, you can start to sketch your ideas. An important thing to understand, the more details in your designs the more labor that is needed to make them. If you are in a moderate price point or you are gearing your accessories to a young market, competing with a major company will be a challenge. Remember large corporations have the funding necessary to make many handbags overseas before they go to market. Generally a new designer doesn’t have the history nor the budget to make 10,000 handbags out the gate!

A good rule of thumb for a new handbag designer with a limited budget means small run production, keeping a close eye on material costs, and setting aside funds to do marketing and sales after the handbag samples are made. Even new designers wanting to produce a luxury product will have the same requirements.

It is at this point that many people get lost. They have wonderful creative ideas, and have put together a cohesive collection. How in the world do you make a handbag? Granted making a complex fitted jacket has its problems, but everyone can visualize sewing clothing…….(trust me, it is a bit more complex as well, but it does seem easier!)

The first thing is to make sure your sketches have taken into account measurements. How long is the handle, how big is the large compartment, what kind of hardware would I like to use. How long are the zippers how many compartments are on the inside. Getting a bit more complicated and scary right? Don’t fret…….find a bag that is close and use it as a reference. Having dimensions figured out is a necessity.

Now you need to find a pattern maker. If comparing yourself to an architect as designer, the pattern maker is the engineer. A qualified pattern maker will know if your strap is strong enough and how to make it strong enough so it doesn’t rip off the base of the bag. He or she will make pattern pieces (much like a puzzle) that will be sewn together to create your sample. It is always a good idea to get a pattern maker that will work with your sample maker……..lack of communication will cause you to have many redo’s and lots of blame making on both ends leading you to a mess of a sample and a lot of wasted time and money.

Almost simultaneous with the pattern maker you should know what materials you want to use. The pattern maker needs to know this, again an engineer needs to know if you are using wood or concrete. Specifications of materials will make the patterns work without a hitch and they will also need to know about your intended hardware. Hardware is as important, maybe more important than the leather or fabric you are using. The quality will be the determining factor in what price your handbags will be sold. Hardware is a hard thing to source and generally is done overseas, but there are some places in the US that still make quality hardware and there are sources here where you can buy generic closures, zippers and the like. When sourcing fabric, ask if you can you get more should you get orders, the same with the hardware. While you may pay retail prices for your sample, this would make your handbags grossly non competitive in the market place. Also note that timelines require you to get fabrics and hardware ahead of time.

Next you find a sample maker………key here, do they have the equipment to get the job done as well as the skill to use that machinery. Leather sewing machines, dies, sometime molds are necessary. Ask to see examples of something they have in work…..anyone can show you a beautiful bag someone else put together.

Once the materials are in the hands of your sample maker you start to find yourself extremely excited. Your sketches will finally take form. Your heart starts to beat very fast. Alas at this point be prepared to have to work out problems, find alternative solutions and possibly make minor design changes to accommodate machinery and material constraints. This is NORMAL…obstacles are a common factor in the design business. Be flexible and be CREATIVE. With good preparation, good materials, a sensible timeline that allows for mishaps and professional support in terms of labor you will have completed the first part of your handbag collection. You will have samples and something to show to sell…

This is the first half……marketing and sales will be just as important. Make sure you leave yourself enough money to get your product in front of the appropriate buyers. You can choose to go direct, go online, or sell retail stores. This is just as complex and I will handle this at a later time.

Wallet Purse Organizer

Wallet Purse OrganizerWallet Purse Organizer is the only solution for today’s busy individuals who’d love to keep all of their essential things on hand so as to retrieve it as and when required. In order to select the best available options you must know about your needs and purpose. Wallet Purse Organizer is a simple purse or a handbag or a tote that is manufactured is such a way so as to keep your valuable things neatly in an orderly basis. These bags feature internal pockets or sections where you can simply store useful items and your personal belongings in a neat and tidy manner.

Now-a-days people carry lots of things like cell phones, credit cards, keys, money while they are travelling or shopping. All of these stuffs need to be organized is such a way that you can retrieve it later. An organizer purse is the perfect solution for your daily needs. These bags or purses are available in wide ranging designs, styles, colors and materials. With so many choices, you sometimes get confused while selecting the perfect one for yourself.

Important Features

Even though the market is full of a wide variety of Wallet Purse Organizers having various styles and variations, but still you must be familiar with some of is basic features. The basic function of your organizer purse or wallet is to keep your important stuff in such a manner that it becomes more functional and easy to find and use. Some of the common features are as under:

1. It should have more than one compartment with one of them open and the other closed or zippered.
2. It should be designed in such a manner that the user can have easy access to the inside contents.
3. For safely securing credit cards, cash, driving license or ID it should have built-in slots.
4. For keeping coins, it should have a built in purse.
5. A cell phone slot is a compulsion.

Apart from these the purse must have enough room in the form of pockets or compartments to hold cosmetics, pens, checkbooks, keys, spectacles, food items and similar things.

Buying Tips

If you have decided to buy a Wallet Purse Organizer, you must always consider certain important tips which will help you get the best product at reasonable price.

1. Firstly, you must know your need and requirements and on the basis of it you should make your selection.
2. Secondly these products are being manufactured from various materials like leather, nylon, vinyl and canvas. The price will vary according to the material you choose, therefore consider your budget and make a selection.
3. You’ll also need to consider various styles of wallets. The ones with expandable pockets and having multi-pockets or slots are generally preferred over the others. A two-sided purse can also be a great option as it can store various items in an organized manner.

With so many styles, sizes and materials to select from, it sometimes becomes difficult to make a perfect choice. However, if you consider certain available options you will definitely get the best organizer purse that will keep your important and essential stuff in a neat and orderly manner.